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Why choose LocationSQUARE Property Management?

We understand that choosing a managing company can be a minefield. You’re putting a highly valuable asset into someone else’s hands.
If you’re unhappy with your current arrangement, how can you guarantee that a new one will be any better? And, it takes a huge amount of work on your part to put the management out to tender. These two reasons are why we take your instruction seriously. We know we can’t let you down. With 10 years of experience across London, we understand the challenges of managing apartments. We know how to provide a day-to-day service that adds value to both owners and tenants.

As importantly, we’re selective about the blocks we manage.
We only manage apartments that tick the following boxes:

    • Are we inspired by this building?
    • Can we make a genuine difference?
    • Is the property easy for us to reach for meetings, site visits and

If we can say yes to all of those questions, we know we’ve got a
Apartment that we can make a positive and sustainable difference to.

Who are our clients?

They include apartment management companies, owners and developers.

What do we manage?

It’s a diverse list which spans new builds to Grade II listed buildings and
everything in between, ranging in size from 50 units to more than 150 units.
No two blocks we manage are the same so each one has a bespoke
Strategy and approach – this pays dividends for all parties.

What sets us apart…

From our first conversation you will notice a difference. Once your current company has been given notice, we write to them with our handover list and deal with them directly for a smooth handover.

Taking the first steps to reassurance
There are usually issues to resolve. That’s why you’re changing company. We aim to rectify all major issues and have the block running to your expectations within three months. By our first meeting following instruction, we’ll be able to reassure you that your building is
in capable hands. We usually hear a sigh of relief at that first meeting with new clients.

Regular updates prevent problems
In the first few months we’ll be in regular contact to resolve any issues. We create detailed “issues lists” for each property in our portfolio that we update daily. They form the basis of the information pack provided in client meetings. By keeping on top of issues we can deal with small problems before they become major ones. We also brief each member of the team on your block and we have weekly meetings to
ensure that all the issues are kept up to date.

Three steps to successful apartment management
We believe successful property management depends on:
Good communication
Clear and accurate accounting
Prompt and reliable Maintenance

Good Communication

The most important piece of communication will be our first meeting following instruction. You’ll find we’re good listeners. We know how to take a brief and make your ideal property management a reality.

Once you’ve appointed us, good communications are central to our service. We answer phone calls within two rings (with no switchboard involved), respond to emails within a business day, and we man an ‘emergency phone’ 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Choosing to manage blocks within easy reach of our office improves communication too. Site visits are easier, you can visit our office or we can visit you for meetings, and we can get to you quickly in the event of an emergency.

Transparent fees

We provide you with an invaluable service, but we don’t think this should come at an astronomic cost.
We believe that fees for Apartment management should be totally transparent. We charge a fixed fee per flat per year depending on the amount of work involved in managing your property. We do not charge hidden administration fees, commission on any supplier or contractor invoices or for any hidden extras. Our management agreements clearly set out what is and what isn’t included in our service.

Thorough and transparent accounting

We conduct a forensic analysis of your accounts at handover. We go back to the start of the current financial year to ensure we fully understand how your building operates. Our accounts team follows set procedures to handle everything from drafting your budget
to pursuing arrears.

All our blocks have individual accounts for leaseholder funds.
Interest always accrues to the block’s own accounts.
Accounts are updated daily.

Prompt, low cost, reliable maintenance

We work with reliable contractors who can deal with any building and any issue. Having invested in a long-term relationship with us, they offer great value for money. They’re not the cheapest – that’s a false economy. But they give us very competitive prices for the quality of their work. We’re equally happy working with any contractors you have good relationships with – some of our favourite contractors have been found that way! And because we manage apartments within easy reach, we’re able to use local contractors we know and trust. Transportation is easier, which also makes good environmental sense. Contractors invoices are all available for you to review. We have a signing authority with each client, above which we seek your approval before invoices are settled.


LocationSQUARE Appartment Management Highlights

Properties within easy reach of our office

  • Excellent communication
  • Clear fee structure
  • Aim to resolve any legacy issues at handover within 3 months
  • Regular reports and updates
  • Reliable and trusted contractors

Let’s meet

Nothing compares to a site visit and a chat. Once we’ve met and looked round your building, we’ll provide you with a quotation. It helps to see your lease and accounts or budget at this stage, to enable us to understand your building. Depending on the size of your building, you may want to go out to tender. We can provide you a standard set of questions (and our answers to them) so you can compare agents on a like-for-like basis. Once you decide to appoint us, we prepare a management agreement containing your building and management company details. As soon as that’s signed and your current agent is terminated, we can get on with managing your building and take the stress out of your hands.